Working papers

The Working Paper series features in-house research papers and contributions by external authors relevant to our work.

The series is primarily intended for publication of the current work of researchers. In addition, collected and analysed data series, methodologies for specific research fields, and in-depth analyses of selected topics are also published in this series. The aim of Working Papers is to encourage the exchange of ideas about economic and development issues and to publish findings quickly, even if they are not fully conclusive. Topics discussed in Working Papers may also serve as a basis for other IMAD's reports (Economic Issues, Social Overview, Development Report, etc.).

Working Papers, written either in Slovene or English, are freely accessible on the IMAD website. They are also published in print if there is sufficient demand.

The contents of the papers may be reproduced in whole or in part provided that the source is aknowledged. It should be noted that the opinions, findings and conclusions expressed are entirely those of the authors and do not represent IMAD's official views.