IB Revija

IB Revija

IB Revija 3-4/2009

Contents of issue No. 3-4, Vol. XLIII, 2009

Renata Slabe Erker, Vlado Lavrač
JEL: I310, Q010
Role of happiness in the economy and in a strategy for sustainable development

Tine Stanovnik
JEL: H550, J260
Pension reforms in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe

Mojca Lindič
JEL: J120, C230
Economics of divorce – the impact of female emancipation on divorce levels across European

Kaja Malešič, Lea Bregar, Jože Rovan
JEL: C430, C820, R130, R580
Methodology of measuring well-being for municipalities in Slovenia

Timotej Jagrič, Davorin Kračun, Rasto Ovin
JEL: R410
Introduction of a closed and electronic toll-collecting system

Alenka Kajzer
JEL: J400, J480
The Slovenian labour market in recession

Ana Murn
JEL: H500, H510, H520, H530, H540
Analysis of government expenditure

Katja Lautar, Franci Klužer
JEL: O100
Development Policies and Public Finance Expenditures