IB Revija

IB Revija

IB Revija No. 2/2008


Contents of issue No. 2, Vol. XLII, 2008

Ana Murn, Anže Burger, Matija Rojec
JEL: H230, H250, H320
abstract: Effectiveness of state aid for training

Franci Klužer
JEL: J080
abstract: Evaluation of the effectiveness of active labour market policy measures by a matching function

Jani Bekö, Timotej Jagrič
JEL: D400, L100, C510
abstract: Direct mail and periodical delivery services in inland postal traffic: the case of Slovenia

Andreja Jaklič, Marjan Svetličič
JEL: F230, F210, M210, L250
abstract: Largest Slovenian multinational companies overcome smallness through higher internationalisation

Metka Špes
JEL: Q560
abstract: What are the prospects of small Slovenian towns for sustainable development?

Igor Vrišer
JEL: O140
abstract: Slovenian industry after gaining independence