IB Revija

IB Revija

IB revija 1/2009

Contents of issue No. 1, Vol. XLIII, 2009

Klemen Širok, Milan Vodopivec
JEL: J210
Pathways and factors of transition into inactivity in Slovenia

Milena Bevc
JEL: F220, I200, J400, J690
The situation in the slovenian science sector – the perceptions of researchers

Štefan Bojnec
JEL: H590, C830, F140, F520
The role and opportunities of the defence sector for economic development in Slovenia

Timotej Jagrič, Davorin Kračun
JEL: D430, L130, C430
Dynamics and level of consumer price

Zdravko Mlinar
JEL: O200
Temporal organization and quality of the living environment