Maja Bednaš appointed Director of IMAD

At today's session, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia appointed Maja Bednaš, MSc, as Director of the Institute of Macroeconomic Analysis and Development. The term of office, starting 6 June 2019, is five years and may be renewed.

Maja Bednaš has worked at the Institute since 1998, for 13 years as Deputy Director. Since last December, she has led the Institute as its Acting Director. “I see my many years of work at the Institute and involvement in all of its key projects as value added for the further development of the Institute and the strengthening of its potential.  We are continuing and intensifying our work on current, well-drafted, projects, but we are also planning some new ones, in line with IMAD’s role as the National Productivity Board and by strengthening analytical work on issues that present development challenges. I am also well aware that for the good functioning of the Office, satisfied employees are the key, and will pay great attention to strengthening the cooperation and relationships between coworkers. My main focus, however, will be on further development of the Institute as an expert, politically neutral and independent institution,” Bednaš commented on the appointment and the vision of the Institute.


Maja Bednaš